Our aspiration is to be among the leading European designers and manufacturers of bathroom and kitchen equipment, offering innovative, reliable and functional products.


We design and deliver modern and reliable products with passion, thanks to which your bathroom and kitchen may become an oasis for everyday rituals and relaxation.

Customer satisfaction as well as the knowledge and experience of our employees are the source of our development, and the success of our Partners is the measure of our success.

Design and innovation

Specific people are responsible for all Deante products: designers, constructors, quality controllers and product managers. That is why we are sure that the design and quality of our products meet the highest standards, which is confirmed by a long-term warranty.

Products marked "designed product" were designed from the first sketch to the final effect by Polish designers who make up the Deante Design Studio team. Thanks to this, you get an original, designer project that takes into account both a beautiful appearance, as well as comfort and functionality, the best quality materials, modern technologies and an environmentally friendly brand policy.

The world is rushing forward, and so are people's needs. We are constantly trying to meet the expectations of our customers - in order to be able to create the most valuable solutions in terms of functionality, extraordinary design and ease of installation.

The original design of Deante products, their quality and durability are awarded in many prestigious competitions, such as Top Design Award, Must Have, or Dobry Design. For the company, it is a reason to be proud, and for our customers it is a confirmation that the products they choose will be functional, elegant and will become a real decoration of the kitchen and bathroom.


The use of the highest-class components and careful quality control ensure that our solutions will meet customer expectations and serve them for many years. All Deante products comply with Polish and European standards.

Step 1

Production process

Step 2

Quality control department

Step 3

Research and development laboratory

All Deante products undergo a three-stage quality control. The first takes place in the factory, not only at every stage of the production process, but also immediately after completion. The second takes place in Deante's Quality Control Department, just before the products are shipped to stores around the world. The third stage is the verification of selected technical parameters of products in the modern Deante laboratory in the Research and Development Department.

Each collection undergoes a series of tests in the technologically advanced Deante lab. Here, the quality of materials, the accuracy of workmanship and the products’ durability are confirmed.


Deante has been developing the production of modern and innovative products for years. Thanks to our production, we have full control over the manufacturing process of Deante products. We use technologically advanced robots and machines. Everything is done with strict procedures and rigorous standards.

The Research and Development Department plays an important role in the production process. Here we test semi-finished products, components and ready prototypes in terms of composition, durability, resistance to external factors, but also the convenience of use.

Deante is PROECO

The Deante PROECO philosophy was born out of the sense of responsibility for the protection of the Earth's natural resources, as well as in response to the economic needs of customers. We want our products to be both user-friendly and environmentally friendly. That is why we use natural resources and resistant, long-lasting materials in production, which, even after many years of use, can, for example, be repainted, giving them a second life in a new color version.

Natural raw materials, environmentally friendly packaging, reducing the use of plastic and helping to reduce water consumption are elements of the PROECO philosophy. Being aware of our responsibility, we are constantly looking for solutions that are as least invasive as possible for the Earth, which is our common good.

ECO packaging

The packaging standard introduced by us assumes the maximum limitation of plastic and its derivatives in the elements filling and stiffening their interior. The reinforced structure of the cartons ensures that it can be safely reached to the addressee.

Natural materials

One of our ideas for the use of pro-ecological solutions is the use of raw materials provided by nature. A perfect example are granite and ceramic products, as well as ecological and biodegradable cleaning agents.

Less Waste principle

We try to implement ecological solutions already at the design stage. We select product dimensions and materials so that there is as little production waste as possible. Our portfolio also includes products that facilitate the daily segregation of rubbish.

Water saving

Products bearing the ProEco label are characterized by particularly low water consumption, and at the same time guarantee the highest efficiency and comfort of use. Among them there are aerators and reducers limiting the water flow, mixer taps with ECO-cartridges, as well as kitchen faucets with direct connection of a water filter, so you will never buy water in a plastic bottle again! Selected models also have the option of mechanically limiting the flow and water temperature.